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Permitting & Project Management

Our Services

Read workprints and construction drawings to identify all jurisdictions involved and required permits. Own the permitting process on behalf of client( s) by ensuring all permits are identified, design vendors are coordinated, and all stakeholders informed of status.

Our specialists work with internal and external teams to ensure the timely submittal and acquisition of permits. Our specialists will work with all required local, state, and federal jurisdictions to resolve any conflicts and will track multiple, concurrent permit submittals.

Collaborates with engineers, architects, and design team, to determine plans, specifications, general and special conditions, addendums, subcontract requirements, and bid paperwork including RFI’s.

Proficient in all construction methodologies, procedures, and disciplines and provides direct administrative support to our clients, as well as the responsibility for obtaining all necessary encroachment and construction permits for all phases of telecom, construction and utility projects.

Identify and resolve conflicting permitting requirements when dealing with multiple jurisdictions.

Manage multiple scopes of work including self-performed and subcontracted, assist Project Manager and Superintendent in maintaining project information including submittals, RFI’s, ASI’s, change orders, project schedule, and more.

Our Objective

The overall objective is the support of the management of right-of-way (ROW) and permitting acquisition efforts for utility and construction projects through completion. Our team has a passion for solving problems, we are committed to taking initiative and providing on-demand services including all aspects of client relationship development and project execution. We work across internal and external organizations and build consensus among diverse sets of stakeholders.