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Our Surveying, GIS / Mapping

Engineering Surveys

Cascade Fiber Services engineering surveys involve obtaining the locations on or above the ground of existing features that may impact the design of new improvements or upcoming projects. Our surveys typically result in the planning of a base map showing contours and the locations of such features as water, sewer, gas, other utilities, and or customer desired call-outs. 

Surveying is a vital part of infrastructure development, from building roads and communication systems to establishing transportation networks. Our skilled surveyors are prepared to collect precise site data and document existing conditions during the survey process to improve an overall project.

GIS / Mapping

GIS is useful in planning and design as well is in operation and maintenance of facilities. We capture geospatial infrastructure data for integration into construction engineering, land surveying and GIS applications in a customized format to meet the needs of each customer.

Our Services:

GIS Data Design, Mapping & Maintenance

Data Interpretation & Analysis

GIS Data Conversion

Spatial & 3D analysis


GIS Data capture

Utility Mapping

Topographic Mapping

Zoning Mapping


As-built, new or existing