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Fiber-Optic Splicing


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Fiber-optic splicing is an important method in the installation of fiber-optic networks and great care must be taken when cutting, fusing and testing the connections. 


Reel Testing 

Installation OTDR Testing

Fiber-Optic Preparation & Splicing


Power Source Testing

Maintenance OTDR Testing

OPGW Splicing, Testing & Maintenance

Market Focus


Fiber to Tower

Fiber to Home

Data Centers—High Density Panels

5G Expansion

Emergency Restoration

Hot Cuts / Night Cuts

Long Haul

Primary State - Arizona

Manhole details, proofing, pulling mule tape, cable placement, and fiber splicing and testing.

Aerial Installation

Underground Installation

Trench / Bore Method

Pothole Utilities

Per Diem States

Texas—Splicing and testing

Oklahoma—Splicing and testing

Kansas—Splicing and testing

Mississippi—Splicing and testing

Louisiana—Splicing and testing