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Utility Audit, Proofing & Verification


Learn what’s going on in the air and underground!

The Vault

There is no uniform standard pertaining to vault configurations. Each vault is connected to others in the underground system through ducts and can have one to several high-voltage cable circuits passing through it. Conducting vault audits/verifications will help organize information, reduce the volume of documentation and provide your field crews with clear data to safely perform their work. 

Manhole Mapping Services

Manhole mapping is tedious work to those performing it, yet it is extremely valuable to the end-user that is trying to find an economical way to route new fiber optic cable for installation. 

Manhole mapping is a way to document the exact position of each vault (Latitude/Longitude) and inventory all the vaults/ducts in your system. The position of each duct or duct bank is noted, the size of the individual duct is measured, all contents and open vs occupied ducts are recorded on a customizable paper “butterfly” and photographed.  The inventoried system is then converted to digital reports (MS Visio & KMZ) and delivered to the end-user.

This information gives the end-user a way to determine new routes for fiber. These routes are established so no excavation or drilling is necessary. All that is required is for crews to prep the duct and pull new fiber through (see additional duct-proofing services).

Manhole mapping will provide an accurate inventory and set of data, (backed up in our cloud based cataloging system) and will prove to be extremely valuable. 

Duct Proofing Services - Mule/Pull Tape

Cascade Fiber Services recommends installing mule/pull tape prior to pulling new fiber, which will dramatically reduce cable installation labor, material, and inventory costs.  

Our duct proofing service is designed to provide our customers with pre-measured duct footage with the sequential footage and meter markings along the mule/pull tape. Mule/Pull tape will act as a threading line and winchline when pulling new fiber. 

These markings along the mule/pull tape allow the cable installer to "monitor the location of the cable during a pull, eliminates the need for measuring tapes, and determines the quantity remaining on a partial roll." 

Cable pulled with rope causes a sort of 'rope burn' on the conduit walls. Additionally, duct cutting caused by rope can leave jagged edges within your conduit which tears and shreds cables as they're pulled across. 

So next time you have a long cable pull through conduit or innerduct, remember to call CFS to make your job so much easier and economical!


Worker safety in confined spaces is extremely important. Gas monitors, air movers, and other safety precautions for the underground phase, and traffic control for the above ground phase will always be used.

Many vaults are accessed along roadways. Traffic control is critical as vehicle traffic represents the greatest immediate hazard to workers at these vaults (also see our TCP services).

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